Our Work

To turn our vision and mission of helping young people in Enfield succeed into a reality, we need strong foundations to build on.

Over the next few years, ECT will be focusing its efforts in four areas:

Enterprise in Action

We have several quality job and work placements already available to our young people – from coffee carts and upcycling furniture to retail placements and volunteering. However, we’re taking this one step further and are working on longer-term projects to provide even more opportunities. This includes our ‘Life in the Community’ project, which is currently being developed. This will include a newly built café, training centre and local hub providing quality training opportunities in the field of catering and hospitality for young people. We also have our ‘All Works of Life’ project in partnership with Fortuna Healthcare to provide a range of logistics and operative training and roles within the warehouse industry.

Authentic Advocacy

We want to better understand what really matters to Enfield’s young people. As part of this, we have established a Youth Representative Council who will help us shape our projects, advocate for students across Enfield, influence local and national politicians and policymakers and celebrate the work of the Trust and the successes of our young people.

Educational Improvement

We are developing a Key Stage 4 vocational curriculum that benefits every learner and gives them the practical skills in industries including beauty, construction, hairdressing etc. Part of this also includes exploring our current educational settings and making sure we broaden our provision as a Trust including ways for our people to share ideas, resources and expertise.

Powerful partnerships

This includes building relationships with community partners, from charities and schools to like-minded businesses and social enterprises. This will help us broaden our network and horizons and offer even more opportunities to our young people.