ECT partner Chickenshed featured on Sky News

This week, Chickenshed – part of the ECT family – featured on Sky News. The piece focused on a poll by disability rights charity Dimensions, which among the findings, revealed that one in five people (21%) had seen someone mocked because of their learning disability. The same rang true for three people – Jenny, Jimmy and Alex – who told Sky how they have been mocked, criticised, or abused, and made to feel ‘different’ because they have a learning disability.

Luckily for them, all three now say their lives have changed thanks to the outreach projects, education courses, and performances taking place at Chickenshed.

At Chickenshed differences are embraced and celebrated. The outside world often limits achieving by putting up barriers, however at Chickenshed people are seen for what they can do and are empowered. Differences are a valuable part of their contribution. Chickenshed has been creating bold and beautiful work from its limitless belief in each other. Through its work, Chickenshed prides itself on creating wonder out of chaos and change out of challenge.

It’s this very spirit of making people feel valued, included and part of a welcoming community that is at the core of everything that both Chickenshed, ECT and all its members are so passionate and determined at achieving for as many young people as possible.

Together, we want to break down these barriers, tackle perceptions in society, and help every young person realise their potential. By providing supportive spaces, environments and opportunities means they will feel happy, confident and valued in all aspects of life. To read the full story, visit:

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