College praised for “rich and challenging” curriculum in ‘Good’ Ofsted report

We’re delighted that ECT member, College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL), part of Capital City College Group, has been awarded a rating of ‘Good’ in its latest Ofsted report.

In addition to being rated Good against all key judgements and provision types, CCCG’s contribution to meeting skills needs was also recognised as ‘Strong’, the highest possible rating under the new enhanced framework.

The integration of and focus on skills education within the Group’s curriculum was commended in the report, with inspectors remarking that students gained “highly relevant knowledge and skills to help them progress to their next steps”.

Ofsted additionally recognised that teachers drew on “subject and industry expertise to good effect” when planning and teaching the curriculum.

Within the review of the Group’s contribution to meeting skills, the report celebrated its close relationships with external stakeholders and the resulting benefits of these partnerships for learners.

The curriculum was considered to meet skill priorities, support employers, provide good progression for learners and ensure that learners from all backgrounds were engaged in their education.

As a member of ECT, CONEL has access to a network of community connections that have been essential in supporting the College’s skills education programme which adequately equips its students with the skills they need to meet the critical needs of the local workforce.

ECT aims to realise a collective vision to improve education and life opportunities for all children and young people in the local community. Believing strongly that young people are the future, ECT strives to go beyond standard ways of working to build a life changing community that works collaboratively to provide educational opportunities centred on individual needs and future aspirations.

The recognition of CCCG’s skills education provision in the latest Ofsted, demonstrates the benefits of a likeminded community approach to education, for employers and learners.

Reflecting on the ECT partnership, Carl Boyd, Head of Quality & Compliance at CONEL, explains:

“We are very proud to be a member of the ECT and are delighted that our efforts to enhance our skills education offering through collaboration via the network have been recognised in our latest Ofsted report. Our belief that every child deserves the very best chance in life is mirrored by ECT’s members and it’s for that reason we have worked closely with our partners to bolster our curriculum, aligning it with the needs and gaps in workforce.

“Together we are helping pupils develop into well rounded, skilled and confident young people, and we are very grateful for our partnerships that improve our ability to do so.”

Janet Leach, Chair of ECT, said:

“It is incredibly exciting to see the hard work of the staff and teachers at CONEL recognised in their latest Ofsted. Their commitment to providing young people with the best possible opportunities is highly commendable and deserves to be celebrated.”

“Ultimately this collaboration helps better prepare learners for the realities of the working world, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive. By fostering strong, local relationships with like-minded organisations and schools within our community, we can continue our work to grow and expand, and ultimately support the success of more children and young people.”