Enterprise Cooperative Trust launches to support young people in Enfield

New Trust aims to improve education and life opportunities for all young people in the community by building partnerships with local schools, charities and businesses

The Enterprise Cooperative Trust has today announced its launch as a new, not-for-profit cooperative, set up by West Lea School in Edmonton, to extend the opportunities for all young people in Enfield. Made up of a partnership of like-minded schools, charities, businesses and community groups, the Trust’s collective vision is to improve education and life opportunities for all children and young people in the local community.

Following a successful consultation period in October 2019, the Trust comes into official existence from February 2020, working closely with a wide range of stakeholders, who share a common purpose to extend the life chances of young people in Enfield by providing a holistic education which goes beyond academic achievement.

Sue Tripp, Headteacher at West Lea School and Founding Trustee at Enterprise Cooperative Trust, said:

“We are very excited to start the work of Enterprise Cooperative Trust. We want to be able to support and celebrate every child, no matter their ability and encourage them to not only realise – but also fulfil – their full potential.

“As a society, we face many challenges including unemployment and social disadvantage. Despite this, the future for all young people can be bright and infinitely hopeful. Working together, we will be able to challenge the status quo and develop learners for life with the skills and expertise needed to flourish in the working world, both now and into the future.”

Working across the London Borough of Enfield, members and partners to date include West Lea School, Learning for Life Charity, and Co-operative Schools Network. Together, the Trust provides collaborative and inclusive learning opportunities for young people. In order to enhance provision and ensure that children in the local community can become the very best they can be, Enterprise Cooperative Trust is actively seeking more partners and members in the local area to join.

Jeannette Knights, Founding Trustee at Enterprise Cooperative Trust, said:

“For many years, schools have been using various models within the education system and while these have undoubted benefits, working in silo isn’t enough.

“That is why it’s so important for us to build partnerships with neighbouring schools, charities, community groups and local businesses as well as maintaining links with the Local Authority, to ensure our young people are developing the skills they need to succeed in society. We want to be able to provide opportunities which will have a real impact on the young people our community serves. It’s about going beyond standard ways of working and building a life changing community.”

Unlike other educational structures, the Trust model follows the Cooperative Movement, enabling involved schools and organisations to retain autonomy but share best practice, expertise and opportunities, in order to provide high-quality education and develop lifelong skills for young people in Enfield.