Building Back Enfield Together

As highlighted in a recent social media post by Emma Rigby, Founder of Love Your DoorStep, over the past 12 months, individuals and organisations across the London Borough of Enfield have truly stepped up to the mark to support one another throughout the most difficult of circumstances.

Emma noted through various initiatives, more than 70 local charities and around 600 volunteers got involved from across Enfield to work together and support residents who needed it most, at a time when the pandemic hit hardest. This collaborative spirit, belief in one another, and willingness to offer support for those who need it is exactly what Enterprise Cooperative Trust (ECT) is all about.

Facilitating collaboration

ECT aims to build a community that offers ‘life-changing’ opportunities for all, providing inclusive and universal educational opportunities for every young person, rooted in real life, real experiences and real people. Part of ECT’s role and how it provides these opportunities and grows as a Trust involves playing the role of an ‘enabler’, bringing together cooperative and collaborative working.

It’s important for us to foster cooperative relationships and innovative collaboration not only between schools, but also with other sectors and groups, such as business partners, charities and community groups, as well as maintaining strong and productive links with our Local Authority. This broad and holistic approach helps to bring all corners of the community together for a positive purpose, whilst helping to develop ‘life-changing opportunities’ that are so important to the community we serve.

The impact of ECT’s approach is highlighted in the words from the Chair, Janet Leach:

“Young people are the future to our success. They will play key roles within our organisations, our communities, our businesses, and our Enfield. They have the ability to achieve their goals and thrive in society today so long as they are provided with the opportunities to do so. As a collective it is our responsibility to demonstrate our belief in young people, and to inspire them and provide them with the chances they deserve to become the very best version of themselves.”

Initiatives in action

The contributing collaborations which come together to help form and grow ECT can be in all shapes and sizes. We welcome complementary business and trading opportunities from organisations that share the Trust’s collective mission to support young people and the community of Enfield.

We’re excited about the initiatives already in progress, or in the pipeline, which range from working with our partner, Learning for Life Charity, and building on the work of West Lea School, to establish new and greater opportunities for young people, through to training, development and apprenticeship offers which meet the needs of our community. More information about our initiatives can be found on the portfolio section of the website.

There is no doubt that the past 12 months have been exceptionally difficult for everyone and without a doubt, there will still be challenges ahead. However by working collectively, individuals across Enfield and the UK more widely have demonstrated the wonderful achievements that can still be made when we come together to tackle these challenges head on. ECT believes in Enfield, it believes in our young people, and it believes in the impact we can have on the young people of our borough if we come together and support one another.